March 21 – 30

The extraordinary cultural and natural richness of this small country cannot be overstated. A front-page article in the NEW YORK TIMES Travel Section indicates this gem may soon be "discovered." Come now and avoid the crowds! Begin in the lovely town of Otavalo, nestled in a stunning Andean valley north of Quito. Our base is the beautiful and unique Hacienda Cusin, surrounded by Andean peaks, farmland and rose plantations.  Otavalo’s famous market is considered the largest outdoor market in South America and is colorful beyond imagining!  Driving south we’ll visit historic Quito, the country’s capital and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with memorable Spanish Colonial architecture and a burgeoning arts community. Our exploration of the city is complimented by a special tour of the museum and collection of the late, great collector Olga Fisch. Traveling south of Quito we'll stay at historic Hacienda San Agustin de Callo whose beautiful structure was built on the foundation of an Inca temple. The original amazing stonework has been remarkably preserved as part of the accommodations. The expansive view from the Hacienda is truly jaw dropping. Here we’ll drive into the mountains where small communities dot the grand landscape and llamas abound. The grand finale of our trip will be in the Amazon Basin at Napo Lodge– Ecuador's premier eco-lodge, accessible by flight, then motorized and dug-out canoes – 560 species of bird live here, as do monkeys, butterflies, jewel like frogs, sloths and much more! The lodge's cabanas each have a lakefront balcony – a meditative setting and totally unique experience. Rooms double occupancy, private baths at each of our haciendas and lodges.

• Maximum Group Size 6 people • Accommodations, Meals (as noted in General Information), Guides, Excursions: $2465 (plus Amazon flight from Quito to Coca).


  • Experience a unique 3-day immersion in the remote Amazon rain forest – a region of irreplaceable biodiversity where traditional ways of life are still practiced by the indigenous peoples.
  • Explore the marvelous city of Quito – UNESCO's first World Heritage Site!
  • Visit to Julio Toaquiza at his home in the central Sierra mountains – the most eminent of the famous Tigua painters.
  • Stay in a hacienda built on the site of an Inca palace
  • Visit the famous Otavalo Market, as well as one of the most authentic and colorful markets in Ecuador in Pujili - a small indigenous village in a beautiful mountain setting!
  • Ecuador is one of the largest exporters of roses in the world – is any visit complete without exploring a rose plantation?

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