HORIZONS has created a niche over the past 20 years, exploring culturally rich, far flung and gorgeous regions still undiscovered by the more familiar tourist itineraries. With a maximum of 6 people, our trips bring you to places and introduce you to people you might never meet on your own. Our small groups allow for luxurious boutique accommodations – gems of great charm and character that continually draw "wows". Almost all of our trips visit one or more fabulous UNESCO World Heritage Sites! From a small beginning 2 decades ago with one trip in Oaxaca, Mexico....we now have programs encompassing South America, Southeast Asia, Morocco and Southern Africa. Over the years we have had a gradual "tilt" in the types of destinations we've been going to – a reflection of our strong desire to nurture experiences in parts of the world that may be somewhat foreign to us. Our concern in the 21st Century is to increase our recognition that we are citizens of the world and to become more familiar with the many fascinating people and cultures that inhabit our now fragile planet. We hope you will join us in our small-group travel adventures!

                   Jane Sinauer Founder & Director, Horizons